The need of finding a winning story

As you might know, since you are on my business web-page, my business is built on my competence as a cultural analyst.
I hold a Masters degree in Applied Cultural Analysis. This I’m proud of but I know that for many of you this mean zero.

I have learnt this the hard way, because building my business and finding customers has been a huge challenge. Mainly because I didn’t
understand how to use my competence on myself. Like so many other professionals, nerds and people in commom I was stuck in my own world,
without a clear undertanding of how others(read customers) could understand what I was good for.

For a long time when someone asked: ”So, What do you do?” A black hole of anxiety and silence emerged around me. My mouth opened to
say something witty and compelling but what I did was more similar to a bad imitation of a stranded fish. I sincerely wished I were
somewhere completely else.

I know you share this feeling with me and that many of you, just like me has tried hard, maybe too hard, to explain what you actually do.

I’m embarrassed to tell you this, but I must confess! Most of the times I ended up in long and intricate descriptions about HOW a
cultural analyst do their stuff. Like a mini course in ethnographic field work and qualitative interviewing techniques, spiced
up with a tour into the exciting fields of hermeneutic philosophy….

See the problem?

I sounded as if a cleaning company would explain their business by explaining every detail of how they clean a house: “First we dust
every corner by using this cloth, then we take a brush and swab the tiles in the kitchen. After that we bring out our z200ch super
power vacuum cleaner and do the floors, not forgetting the corners. Of cause we move the sofa and lift up the carpets….. blablabla”

This is a technique I would say creates a “black hole experience”. Not only for you, but also for your listeners who has to listen to
words rattling around without making any sense, since they lack a meaningful context to put them in. While you go on blabbing
about your stuff, they sincerely wish that they were somewhere else. The people, your customers, are “lost in space” and so are you.

What a difference if we had that short, interesting answer. An answer that appealed to peoples dreams, troubles or interests!

Just as a good cleaning business story would ensure that ”you can relax in your clean home on Friday night”. Your story needs to connect
your services to your peoples world, needs and dreams. Some of you might have one already, but most of you don’t.

Don’t worry.

There are methods for creating and sharing winning stories that is authentic and strategic for you and your business. Thus using the
power of storytelling not only to get more customers but to win their hearts as well. And market shares.

More about that throughout my upcoming articels in this blog.

This text is part of a coming book about storytelling within business.
To read previous writing, go to the blog page or choose the tag storytelling.
(Do you have opinions about my english? You are probably quite right, since I’m not native a native english speaker.
Which means that, as long as you’re not swedish, I probably write better english then you write swedish.)

Åsa Rydhard is the pastor who has taken her knowledge about storytelling to a higher level. With a Master’s degree in Applied Cultural Analysis (MACA) she is specialized in storytelling as a communcation tool. As a consultant she uses her expertise to ensure that businesses understand how storytelling can be strategically used as a communciation tool to grow their customer’s interest and increase their market share.



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