Storytelling inspiration

It’s Saturday so in today’s blog I will tell you about a European branding business; Edgar.

Not that anyone asked me to do so, I do it only because I want to show you what they created for me for free. And to show you an example
of how this is can be a part of a marketing strategy.

Edgar is a marketing/branding business that ”believe a great story easily beats the biggest of advertising budgets. Instead of spending
big on ads, brands should engage their peers with great original content. We created Edgar to help them do that. It’s our own storytelling
brand, named after the great storyteller Edgar Allan Poe.” (read more on Edgartells.me)

What they did is that they asked anyone to send a quote on storytelling, promising that they would illustrate it.
So I did.
Lacking any form of humility I send them something I use to tell my audience, my ”motto”:
”We need to create stories that make us share peoples’ world”.

Click on the picture above to see the complete result. Isn’t it great? But what’s even greater is that they accomplished more.
They also made them twitter about them, talk about them and they inspired me to write this.

Well, that’s great strategic storytelling according to me. If nothing else they created a story that won my heart.
And soon they will win the world as well.

Åsa Rydhard is the pastor who has taken her knowledge about storytelling to a higher level. With a Master’s degree in Applied Cultural Analysis (MACA) she is specialized in storytelling as a communcation tool. As a consultant she uses her expertise to ensure that businesses understand how storytelling can be strategically used as a communciation tool to grow their customer’s interest and increase their market share.



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