A Storytelling journey

Day 1
Introduction: 1

Storytelling is fascinating and it fascinates us humans. Anything we do, say or think comes with a story,
even a story in itself. Because stories shapes our world.

For hundred days from now, this blog will share our stories about storytelling. Why we think it’s important
and how storytelling can be used to help you connect with others. How it comes that good storytelling makes
it possible to share beliefs and knowledge, create a stir around you and even promote and build your business.

We will also talk about what good storytelling is.

Hopefully hundred days with our blog will challenge you to use storytelling whenever you need to communicate
with other human beings. You might even start to think about what kind of stories you tell when you don’t think
you are telling others anything at all.

If nothing else you will follow us in the making of our book about storytelling.
That’s our story within the story.

Enjoy the Ride!

Åsa Rydhard is the pastor who has taken her knowledge about storytelling to a higher level. With a Master’s degree in Applied Cultural Analysis (MACA) she is specialized in storytelling as a communcation tool. As a consultant she uses her expertise to ensure that businesses understand how storytelling can be strategically used as a communciation tool to grow their customer’s interest and increase their market share.



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