Living businesses tells stories

Day 2
Introduction 2: The aim of a book to be.

As told yesterday this blog is not only a blog. It’s a “book to be” that will reveal the secrets of storytelling within business and
why it’s important to grasp the craft of storytelling for any business today.

In my preparations for this book and blog I do a lot of research, which means meeting a lot of interesting people and listen
to their view of storytelling. Talking with an experienced business architect, I mentioned that someone told me that storytelling
is old-school and nothing worth diving into these days. When hearing this the architect replies: If you don’t have a story,
you’re business is dead.

Being alive means having a story and sharing stories with others. The story of your life, your family, your country and the
happenings at the pub last night. Later I will write about the important role storytelling plays for humans and the human community.
Right now you only have to agree with me when I say that storytelling is everywhere. Whether we want it or not people share stories.
And it might be a story about you: The story of your brand.

The story of your brand is the third dimension of branding called “social branding” or simpler put; “what comes around
goes around”. But storytelling in business is more than the art of social branding. Grasping the concept of storytelling
is essential for anyone that wants to win their customers hearts and market shares as well.

Storytelling is a strategic tool used when working with marketing, organisation culture, developing business models, PR, pitching,
knowledge management, strategic planning, mission/ vision statement creation, conflict resolution, new employee initiation, morale boosting,
policy implementation, sales, training, commemorative events etc

Are you a part of a business or organisation that want to be alive and stay so?

Then you need to understand every aspect of how a winning story, your story, is created and shared by your network of people.
You also need to learn how to take the lead and build stories that will cause people talk about you by planting and nurturing
good stories about you and your business. And of cause stop causing catastrophes!

Does it seem overwhelming?
Don’t worry, this book/blog will teach you everything about how to not only stay alive but also flourish on the market by
using storytelling strategically.

Doing so won’t have to cost you anything, except for your time and dedication.
But if you don’t start dealing with it, it will cost for sure.

Åsa Rydhard is the pastor who has taken her knowledge about storytelling to a higher level. With a Master’s degree in Applied Cultural Analysis (MACA) she is specialized in storytelling as a communcation tool. As a consultant she uses her expertise to ensure that businesses understand how storytelling can be strategically used as a communciation tool to grow their customer’s interest and increase their market share.



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